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Recold MC - Evaporative Condensers
  • Recold MC - Evaporative Condensers

Recold MC - Evaporative Condensers

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The Recold MC is an induced draft, axial fan design with a weight saving, corrosion free copper coil all in a low height configuration. This Evaporative Condenser is a ruggedly built unit constructed to provide many years of durable, dependable service with minimal maintenance requirements. Quality materials and workmanship are a key factor in meeting this objective. All units are completely factory assembled and tested to ensure a quick and easy installation with no startup problems. By using the superior characteristics of copper, The MC Evaporative Condenser becomes the most cost-effective solution to commercial freon condensing projects.


Recold's MC Evaporative Condenser utilizes the efficiency of evaporative cooling, along with the superior corrosion and heat transfer characteristics of copper to efficiently condense a given refrigerant from a hot gas into a cool liquid. Hot refrigerant vapor travels through the inside of the copper coil as cold water is sprayed over the exterior of the coil. Fresh air is pulled up over the exterior of the coil while cold water is sprayed down over the coil in an efficient countflow arrangement. Heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the spray water causing the refrigerant condenses from a gas to a liquid. Heat from the spray water is discharged through the atmosphere through evaporation of the spray water.

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